sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

Romeu and Juliet with a happy ending?

In Burntwood, near Birmingham, in England, lots of people are having a party for the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

They have a BBQ and flags and a bouncy castle so they are very excited. However, some people are not that bothered.

Down in London, where the wedding was taking place, people are cheering and enjoying this historical event.

Everyone is having fun here in Burntwood on a big bouncy castle, jumping, rolling and of course having fun!!!!

On  the BBQ there are burgers, hotdogs and drinks.

The tickets for the due are 2 pounds for adults and 3 pounds for kids.

A 100 people have been invinted included me!

Steven Atkinson - Junior Reporter covering the Royal Wedding - England

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