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Ana Paula Axten, 37, Brazilian

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And they lived happily ever after?

Photo by Steven Atkinson

And they lived happily ever after?

Quoting an internationally renowned Brazilian composer of MPB, Vinicius de Moraes, “life is the art of meeting even though there are so many obstacles along the way”. And how right was he on that one?

Coming down to reality where even fairy tales could and seems to have happened indeed, Radio Brasil MPB went on a search for the real meaning of this wise but not that much practiced or understood statement in current days.

While the world cannot or will not understand the deep meaning of such a quotation let alone what loves and peace really mean, two love birds decided to tie the knot in the land of Queen Elizabeth.

He, a handsome young chap, 29 years of age, full of passion, dedication, royal title, grieve for his late mother and eternally grateful for his grandmother Elizabeth, who had to pick up the pieces and give William the support when he needed it most.

She, a stunning young girl, who happened to be blessed by God with intelligence and unshakable dignity, from a working class that managed to do well in life.

There is no shadow of a doubt that the couple is the perfect match to represent modern times not only in British terms but worldwide wise. Who thinks “they have all seen this film before” doesn’t even comprehend the magnitude of history being made right in front of their eyes.

Radio Brasil MPB invite all to ponder about the real meaning of happiness and what one has to do in order to achieve spiritual “nirvana” – leaving jealousy, opinions, creeds, prejudices and the like behind.

Aren’t we supposed to be “loving our neighbour as we love ourselves” and being grateful for whatever our lot in life is?
Curiosity most definitely killed the cat when the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales comes to mind. She died in a tragic car accident in Paris, in 1997, and William was a 15 year old adolescent.

Baring that in mind, Radio Brasil MPB had a filled trip to check how the British people and foreigners alike decided to behave on the day the whole world stopped to cheer for true love.

The atmosphere was joyous, calm and anxious at the same time, with a pinch of hope and Carnival setting the scene, in Burntwood, approximately 40 minutes North Birmingham, England.

Radio Brasil MPB was invited for one of more than 5 thousand street parties throughout Britain that aimed to celebrate such a special occasion.

Viscount Road, which has got it all including the Royal title to go with it, happens to be home for a bunch of very special British and foreign people, who were really and truly embracing the opportunity to have a good time no matter what or how this royal story ends.

According to the neighbours committee spokeswoman, Susan Marr, 29, “William and Kate are indeed in love”. Marr explains that the neighbours did not have any second thought when it came down to organise the party. “It was just the case of joining efforts and everybody getting stuck in to make it happen”.

And it happened alright. There was a BBQ that no Brazilian could knock it and the happiness and countryside environment couldn’t be more spontaneous.

Viscount Road has its special God’s given garden where they organise many events and get together as a great big united family.

After the famous Royal kiss and tell (about 13:00 local time), the party started and went on till there was no more daylight (about 21:40 local time).

There were around 90 people taking part in the fun thanks to the National holiday. The kids seemed to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly as well as all the adults for that matter.

The sun was out, the Barbie was on full blast and the non-alcoholic drinks were a bonus. But a party to be perfect has to have an element of surprise. An Anglo-Brazilian couple with their two young daughters have just moved to Viscount Road. Lee Axten, 44, and Ana Paula Axten, 37, “were happy to be so warmly welcomed by their British neighbours, who seemed to represent the spirit of unity, pride and tolerance in the country”.

Sarah McClure, 33, stressed that “what is important in life is to make the most of all the opportunities given and even share limes with her neighbours, if need being to keep them smiling”.

Lionel Lawrence, 40, said “who wouldn’t want to marry such a catch”. However, he seems to think there is more politics and showbiz that meets the eye regarding the wedding.

Michael Gray, 44, explains that “when we are children we see the world in a completely different way opposed to what we see it now. Our understanding and perception of news happening around us takes another shape and form when we are hit by adulthood”. Gray watched on tele Princess Di and Prince Charles Wedding, in 1981, when Diana was expected to be a virgin and things were totally different back in the days.

Such ideas seem almost surreal even to consider in current days and there seem to be more grief than ever rather than enduring fairy tale stories that have a happy ending.

Taking that into consideration Radio Brasil MPB also checked with a few British people who had been unfortunate enough to be on duty on the Royal Wedding day.

Justin Wincup, 39, who works for a very famous independent Travel Agency in Birmingham, states that he “had an absolute nightmare of a day. The phones never stopped ringing from the moment the Royal couple kissed on the Buckingham Palace’s balcony.

In the nearby town of Rugeley, 15 from Burntwood, Sue McGregor, 55, had also worked non-stop. “There were people coming and going from the convenience shop all they long”.

Annette Grace, from Whittington, 10 kilometres from Burntwood, 57, personal assistant, ponders a very plausible question. Grace wants to know “if the money spent of all the tax payers in the country for the wedding will find its way back into the country by at least double the amount”.

Sceptical or dreamer, rich or poor, the truth of the matter is that the sense of duty and pride seems to be resurfacing from a long period of inertia and it underlined the background of the spotlights, celebrities and their Avant Garde dressing code and the media rat race for the best place to position their cameras and microphones.

Is it really possible to be happy in the world of celebrities and non-stop paparazzi galore searching for every single bit of news they can get no matter what or who they bring down along the way?

Radio Brasil MPB would like to know your opinion about the question that does not want to go away…

While we hope there will be enough people bothered about the deep theme we highlight the kids of Viscount Road, who seemed to be very grown up about the wedding and expressed their opinion very well.

“I liked when the Kate’s father (Michael Middleton) held her hand and started walking down the aisle”, said Ollie, 9.

“Jeremiah, 8, thinks “the Duchess of Cambridge is ever so pretty”.

Leanne, 11, loved the Royal Wedding on the whole but thought “it was a bit too quite at times”.

Harrison, 9, thought the Royal kiss was “wicked”.

James, 11, said he “is very proud to be British and have his country as the centre of the world for the day”.

Alana, Anglo-Brazilian, 7, said she “lived the dream of a Princess! Alana and her younger sister, Amanda, 4, were both dressed up in Princesses outfits and Tiaras.

Radio Brasil MPB has managed to make friends with one of the youngest neighbours of Viscount Road, Ruby, 2, who was laughing, jumping and holding having the most fun and attention.

If the dream of a perfect Royal wedding has come true only fate and time will tell, providing the media give the love birds ‘a chance’ and a bit of privacy every now and then.

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